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the LOVE of Christ with ALL God’s Children! 

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Hi, I’m Miss Sydney (Geyston) and I am a college student and life long member of Third Presbyterian Church.  I have volunteered to prepare a Virtual Sunday School each week for our Children’s Ministry.  If you click on the link to the right, it will take you to my page where you will find all sorts of fun activities.  Thank you for your interest and may God open up your hearts, minds and souls to God’s love in Jesus Christ.

Third Presbyterian Church Radio Broadcast

Sunday Worship, May 24, 2020 MEMORIAL WEEKEND

Third Presbyterian Church Radio Broadcast

Sunday Worship, May 17, 2020 The Way, The Truth and The Life

During this time of staying in place, the church building remains closed.  Debbie, our office manager continues to work from home on the computer and with the phones forwarded.  If you have any church related questions, feel free to contact her at (217) 528-0457. 

Here are some ways to stay connected to the church:

Look at our Facebook Page – Third Presbyterian Church.  Besides regular posts, we are also uploading on Sunday afternoon, a worship service and a Kids’ Sunday School Lesson.

Tune in to Sportsradio1450 (1450 AM or 92.3 FM) from 9:00 A.M. until 9:30 A.M. each Sunday morning for a short worship service with a different sermon and songs.  This can also be live streamed on your computer at Sportsradio1450 or by using Alexa and playing the live stream by saying, “Alexa, play Sportsradio1450”. 

Each week, Pastor John emails out on Wednesday an installment of a Bible Study. 

We are now sending out a weekly email newsletter on Thursday.

Stay Safe and Blessings to All.

As part of the ministry at 3rd Pres and during this period of “shelter at home, but when you go out, wear a mask”, we are providing home-made masks.  We recently received a grant to produce 400 more masks and we will provide those to both youth and adults.

If you are an adult and want to request a mask, please click on the button below.  If you need masks for youth, please scroll up and click to go to the Miss Sydney’s page.  There you will find a button to order youth masks.


New Bible Study from Pastor John!

The fourth Gospel writer is identified as John.  Many scholars believe this is the same John that was one of the inner circle of Jesus and referred to as the “beloved” one.  He KNEW Jesus.  He probably knew him like no one else.  For five weeks, beginning Wednesday, May 6, Pastor John will continue to send out a self-guided, Power-Point driven Bible Study, based on five understandings of Jesus from the Gospel of John.   Please make sure you are on the TPC Mailing list and you will get this each week.

Welcome to Third Presbyterian Church!

Real life happens to all of us every day.  No one should face life alone.  Third Presbyterian Church is made up of real people who experience life by joining together to grow in faith and love through a real Jesus. 

In Worship, in Fellowship and in a variety of other activities at 3rd Presbyterian, people of faith are joined together to face the challenges of life and be reminded there is always the Good News of Jesus.  Our church is invitational, open and affirming for all ages and positions in life.  We are many and yet in God’s grace and by the Spirit we become one.

Worship Place & Time

Kid’s Klub (9:15 a.m.)

Sunday Worship Service (9:15 a.m.)

Join us for worship every Sunday. To learn more about what you can expect, click here:

About our Pastor

Rev. Dr. John R. Shear

Worship is led each week by Pastor John. His preaching style is easy to follow. While using the Bible as the source of all of his sermons, Pastor John explains the truths of the Word of God in stories and humorous examples. His sermons are lively and get to the point quickly. Please click below to read his blogs or listen to a recent sermon…

Education and Fellowship Programs

Fellowship Time each week after worship

Sunday School for Youth through Adults, immediately after worship

Kid’s Night Out

Millennial Age Group

Regular Fellowship Events

Third Presbyterian Church has been a pillar of the Springfield community for over 100 years. The church was founded with community outreach and support in mind. What the founders of our church wanted we are still doing. For over one hundred years, we have preached the gospel of the grace of God from this pulpit, and our members have been able to give a reason for their faith and their hope.


Join Us!

Our church is blessed with a variety of God given, talented individuals, who help in worship with Praise Music, Choir, Adult Hand-bells and Special Music.   Worship normally lasts about an hour and follows a blended service format.  Communion is celebrated on the third Sunday of each month and is open to all.

Worship with Us!

You will find our worship is casual and contains an energy and spirit to allow the voice of God to speak to individuals in a variety of ways. 

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People are at different places in life and on their faith journey.  We welcome all, no matter who you are, where you have been and whether you are certain about where you are going. 

If you need to talk with Pastor John for any reason, please call his cell phone at 314-249-8024.

The above photo was taken from our first ever Millennial Meeting at the Church. A couple of these individuals are away at school, while the rest come to church on a regular basis.

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